DreamFit™ DreamChill™: Our Chill Innovation was inspired by our dream of utilizing performance fibers and multiple advanced cooling solutions to create unprecedented degrees of cooling comfort. We use 3 advanced cooling technologies in our pillows, pillow protectors and mattress protectors that help provide the maximum cooling comfort.

Our StaKool™ mineral technology is utilized in two innovative ways to allow for the accelerated absorption of additional body heat, while also capturing and releasing excessive body heat.

The third advanced cooling technology in this program is StaDry™ technology that captures, moves, and releases moisture for a drier, healthier sleep experience. Pair our Chill Innovation protectors and pillows with our DreamChill Enhanced Bamboo sheets with naturally cooler fibers and moisture wicking properties that will keep you chilled all night long.

The Chill Innovation is the perfect choice for dry, healthy, and maximum cooling sleep.