Interview With Eric Olvera - Local College Film Student & Producer of Merino Wool Bedding Comedy Promo

Interview With Eric Olvera - Local College Film Student & Producer of Merino Wool Bedding Comedy Promo

Posted by Emily Merino on Nov 2nd 2020

Hello Eric. Today we are communicating with you electronically to shed a little bit of light on your recent production of some videos promos you made for us.

You produced, wrote and edited these promos in a relatively quick time while fulfilling your college curriculum requirements.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you advertised your offer and what time restrictions and workload you were under during this time?

First, I just want to thank your company for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I originally posted a free promo video on craigslist within the art discussion board.

So, we are given about 2 weeks to complete a project. One week for pre-production and the other for production and post-production.

I used the first week to organize a crew and talent together. I did this by contacting fellow film and art department students. I got two trusted fellow film students Laura Olona and Marcus Bratton to help with sound, lighting, set design, and camera work. They are very reliable and I put great trust into them.

I also had costume designer Amaya Feinstein to help create the costumes and do the actors make up. We didn't have much time to do the costume, we only had one day to shop for supplies at thrift and create the costume. We also got supplies for creating the Coco costume for free from my last client at Wemagination.

I didn't want my costume designer to have a lot of pressure to finish an entire costume all by herself, so I stayed and helped her the entire night until we were finished. She is very talented and I'm glad to have her in my crew.

During this time of organization we also held auditions to find someone to play our characters. I posted through social media, asked random friends, strangers, and associates if they were or knew anyone interested in acting.

I set up an audition on Johnson field under a canopy, I also told anyone who auditioned to post on their social media about the auditions and that had even more people come. I had every person who tried out write on a sheet which asked for their contact information and their schedule. I had to make sure everyone's schedule worked out together, so that made our time limit even smaller for production.

I wrote out an extremely detailed agenda, once I had everyone chosen; this schedule made sure we took advantage of every available time during production day. Me and one of my crew members went to the set earlier than everyone to make sure we had all of the lighting, props, sound, and cameras set up before everyone came.

During that time I put my costume designer in charge of organizing everyone together based on the schedule and put everyone in make up and costumes to then travel to set.

We only had one day for production so I told my actors and crew that we would be working all night. They all agreed and I made sure they were all well fed and that took breaks often so everyone would stay happy.

I had to be very patient, kind, and professional to all of my crew members and actors and because of that everything ran smoothly for the most part.

Also everyone's energy in this production worked very well together. The actors were Jacqueline Papp, Monica Parcia, and Jaxon Inge.

Eric, we thank you and your crew for all the hard work and time you put into creating a project from scratch and hope that you fulfill your dreams in film.

In the end you sent us two promo versions and we decided to actually keep both of them! 

Video Promo #1 

We especially liked the reaction on the husband’s face when his wife tells him that she is in love with someone else. What a classic expression!

Thank you for helping us announce our Free CoCo giveaway, the ability to purchase direct from Google and for bringing a funny and wholesome message to our customers about how Merino Wool Bedding can help ease stress and help them sleep more comfortable and sound.

We understand that you are working on a blooper reel and we cannot wait to see that one.

Should anyone want to contact you for acting, production or having a promo video made for their own business – what are all the ways that they can get a hold of you? 

They can contact me through

My Phone: 505-319-0784

My Business Email:

My UNM Email: