About DreamFit: Established in 1987 as a small family business, DreamFit found something special when the first set of sheets slid off the assembly table. Out of the idea that 'everyone needs sheets' came the next idea: 'What if we could make ultra-comfortable sheets that never come off the mattress during the night?"

A few more years of hard work and determination later, those that used our product blessed us with their loyalty, and DreamFit had arrived!

American innovated, DreamFit's luxury bedding is not only guaranteed to fit your mattress, but will STAY ON the mattress - regardless of thickness or if on an adjustable base - all night, every night!

Headquartered In Cullman, Alabama: When most manufacturers moved their operations overseas, DreamFit stayed here in the USA. Headquartered in Cullman, Alabama, we employ several hundred American workers in multiple American factories. This has kept us closer to you, our valued customer. We continue to be a family owned and operated American manufacturer.

Our founder and product inventor serves as CEO and his son as President.

DreamFit products feature patented corner straps coupled with premium accessories for every type of sleeper

Our sheets and mattress protectors feature DreamFit's patented 7.5 inch-wide FirstFit™, No slip color-coded corner bands that are 20 times stronger and up to 6 times wider than what is found on other brands. It's time to say goodbye to your fitted sheets and mattress protectors shifting or popping off your mattress during the night.

We also luxury-size our products, ensuring an end to cold toes and the nightly tug-of-war matches for that top sheet. And if you've had it with your pillows, we have solutions for that, too. 

Whether the need is a heavenly set of sheets, ultimate protection for your mattress, or a comfortable pillow that's right for YOU, DreamFit has you covered. Oh, and your mattress, too.