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The real reason you have never received spam from “Hard To Find Sheets” Incredible but true: We do not maintain a mailing list!

Believe it or not, we have never managed a mailing list in 17 years of being online. There is not an option to opt-in to any newsletters, mailing lists, product announcements or coupon codes on our website.

In 7 years your mattress will double in weight

“In 7 years your mattress will double in weight” – Says Dr. Breus Just recently (December 4th 2007) one of our team members caught a television show on PBS titled “Good Night with the Sleep Doctor Michael Breus, PhD”. It was a fascinating show in which Dr. Breus explained the major sleep problems facing American’s […]

Mattress Protection Is Important

Mattress Protection Is Important Did you know that most if not every mattress manufacture has certain terms and conditions that have to be followed or met in order for your mattress to be covered under warranty? The most common terms and conditions: No rips or tears – This will usually void your mattress warranty instantly. […]

Split Size Bed Sheets -vs- Split Head Bed Sheets?

Split Size Bed Sheets -vs- Split Head Bed Sheets? Did you know that even though both of these sheet sizes are hard to find and although they sound very much alike, they are far from being the same size of sheet? The “Split Size” bed sheet refers to a sizing that will accommodate a bed […]