Bed Sheets – The Truth About Thread Count

Bed Sheets – The Truth About Thread Count

When it comes to bed sheets, many retailers and manufacturers alike are using gray market advertising techniques to make claims of extremely high thread counts. An example would be a retailer counting a double ply or quad ply thread as double or quadruple the threads per inch – therefore artificially inflating the actual thread count of the sheet.

A double ply yarn consists of two shorter yarns twisted together to form a single longer yarn. When this is done, your sheets will naturally become heavier and your thread count of 1200 may really be a thread count of only 600. A quad ply yarn is of course four shorter yarns combined to make a single longer yarn thus making some 1200 thread count sheets a possible 400 thread count product.

Some are advertising 1000, 1200 & even 1500 thread count bed sheets without disclosing that the sheet is actually made up of a double or quad ply construction. This practice is seen by many in the business as deceptive or simply wrong.

The more is better principle is being broadcast to the consumer by retailers and manufacturers, but in reality, the longer the yarn, the type of yarn (that is another article) & the workmanship all play together in determining the quality and durability of your bed sheet.

So next time you see that 1500 thread count bed sheet advertised for a quarter of what it should be selling for – ask about the construction. Is it made up of single, double or even a quad ply yarn? By asking this question, you can determine the true thread count of the sheet. Also make sure you ask about the workmanship of the product. How well is this product made?

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