Hard To Find Sheets: 300TC Super Low Profile Bed Sheets, are they really made from 100% Cotton?

We were recently made aware of a complaint made against our Super Low Profile bed sheets. The author of the complaint states that our product is not made from cotton but rather some type of synthetic material. 

We did post a response on the original forum but would also like to share some of the details of the complaint and the response from us here on our website.

It has been a while since we posted on our blog and we are looking to provide our customers with important and interesting information in regards to our products and services just like we started out in 2007.

Here is a direct link to the complaint: 


Please take a minute or two to read the details of the complaint as well our response to get a complete view of the subject. 

After reading the above complaint, we reached out to our long time supplier of more than a decade as mentioned in our response and obtained some information in regards to some recent testing done direct from them (the manufacture) that we would like to share with you:

In the bedding industry there is a fabric test that can be performed to determine whether the material in question is made from 100% cotton. You take some of the threads off of the fabric and light them with a flame. If the fiber ‘curls to a ball’ and basically disintegrates in your hand it is 100% cotton. If the fibers do not disintegrate when lit they may not be all natural and may contain synthetic fibers.

Our supplier placed the 300TC fabric with percale weave that makes up our Super Low Profile bed sheets to the test. When they took the threads and placed them into the flame, the fiber curled to a ball and disintegrated marking it as 100% cotton as advertised.

In no way shape or form do we offer our very important clientele anything less than the best products available. As some of you may know – we literally place all products through our own extensive wash and sleep cycles before we offer them to you. If we feel that the product is not good enough in the way of quality, fit and feel it is simply not carried or offered for sale on our website. 

In closing we would like to thank all of our wonderful online customers and your support for the last 17 years. We appreciate your business and always welcome your comments and your questions concerning this or any other subject that involves the products that we offer.

As always, please drop us a line should you need anything at all.


The HTFS Team 

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