The Top 7 Myths Concerning Bed Sheets

The Top 7 Myths Concerning Bed Sheets

#7 – Sateen is the same as satin – Although the two words sound similar, they definitely are not the same and many people do get them confused.

Sateen is a type of weave made from cotton which places more threads on the surface, thus creating a softer feel (hand). Satin is also a type of weave but it is made up of silks and nylons rather than cotton. A satin weave creates a very slick finished product. Sateen makes for a wonderful bed sheet provided that the cotton quality is good.  (See myth #1 below).

#6 – Washing & drying your sheets in high heat is best – Many feel that washing their sheets in hot water and drying them in high heat is best for sanitizing. This is true to a point but you must be careful especially when your sheets are made of 100% cotton. Washing and drying your cotton sheets in high temperatures can lead to shrinking and wrinkling. (See #5). If your sheets are nice and snug now, consistent high temp washing and drying can shrink them to the point where they may no longer fit.

#5 – 100% cotton is wrinkle free – There are different types of cottons, weaves and finishes that can attribute to how much wrinkling you get but 100% cotton sheets are not totally wrinkle free. One of the most important factors is the way you launder your sheets. Recommended wash/dry settings for higher quality bed sheets is wash on medium heat, tumble dry on low. Also, make sure to wash your sheets separately from other items. These simple steps can greatly reduce the wrinkles in your cotton sheets.

#4 – Dual ply is better than single ply – Ahhh, the old “more is better” mentality. To put it simply, less is actually better when it comes to the ply count of your cotton sheets. Dual ply is created by twisting two shorter (usually lower quality) threads together to create one long thread. This twisting together method can create a lesser quality product and possible inflated thread counts. (See #1).

#3 – Split king size is just two regular twins placed together – This is one of the most common myths in the specialty linen market today. Although close in dimensions, a split king size sleep system requires two twin XL fitted sheets not regular twin size. The differences in dimensions are as follows: twin size = 38″ x 75″, twin xl size = 38″ x 80″. Pretty close but as many have found out, not close enough. View our sheet dimension chart.

#2 – The higher the thread count, the softer your sheets – Many factors go into how soft a sheet will become such as the type of weave, quality of cotton, length of the cotton, amount of ply & workmanship. These all play a part in how your sheets feel. Thread count alone does not guarantee a soft, luxurious sheet. This brings us to our #1 myth below.

#1 – Higher thread count always equals better quality – The number one myth and the least understood factor in choosing quality bed sheets is the thread count. Many consumers believe that the higher the thread count number, the better quality the sheet. This is not true and we have a detailed article explaining “The truth about thread count” that will help you understand thread count and it’s relation to the quality of a bed sheet.

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