How To Measure Your Mattress For Proper Sheet Fit

How To Measure Your Mattress For Proper Sheet FitThe most common method of measuring a mattress for proper sheet fit is to place a thinner size stiff piece of card board between your mattress and box spring, allowing it to protrude 6 inches or more. Lay another piece of card board directly on top of your mattress allowing it to over hang and simply measure the distance between the two card boards. This will give you a good depth measurement of your mattress.

When it comes to today’s specialty sleep products mattress depth has become increasingly thicker. With all the layers of specialty foams, natural materials, comfort fillings and mattress pads, sleep systems and mattress sets can reach in excess of 22 inches in size.

These newer and thicker sets make for a more comfortable sleep but sheets and bedding can sometimes be a hard to find item. Therefore knowledge of your actual mattress thickness will make for a much easier shopping experience.

If you have any questions about measuring your mattress, sheet size or any general questions concerning bedding please feel free to contact us.


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